Category: Beverage Spirits

THE Beating Heart of Mauritius

Arcane produces original, fresh and gourmet rums thanks to the extreme richness of the aromatic palette offered by the sugar cane of Mauritius and its terroir.

Associated with innovative distillation, assembly and aging techniques, the aromas of Mauritian sugar cane are expressed in a unique way through our rums.

The idea behind Arcane is to creatively explore all the mysteries of rum through innovative products combining the freshness of Mauritian sugar cane with the gourmet aromas that it releases during the distillation and then with the more complex notes unveiled during the process. of aging.

Through a wide premium range sublimating the flavors of Mauritius, Arcane aims to offer amateurs and connoisseurs a unique tasting moment reminiscent of the warm hospitality of this Indian Ocean paradise.